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What Is Cat Made?

Cat Made is exactly as it sounds, products made by yours truly, Cat. I started sewing 14 years ago because Hot Topic didn't sell pants tight enough for my taste. The day I cut up my first pair of pants was the beginning of a very complicated relationship with sewing. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer and learning how to sew was the first and last step I took towards getting there. Sure, I altered most of my clothes and could make half assed circle skirts but that's about it. Why? Because sewing is HARD and I was put off by the fact that the fashion industry thrives on nonethical practices and contributes to a large portion of global pollution.


Despite this love/hate relationship with sewing and fashion design, my desire to sew never faded. I lugged my sewing machine from my childhood home to college and to every place I have lived at since, sewing where I could find space. Sometimes that would be in the kitchen, the garage, under my bunk bed, even in a backyard. 

Years later, as fate would have it, I lost my job and I knew it was life giving me a sign to finally commit to the one thing I have always loved. Thus, Cat Made was born. Well you might be thinking, "Why Bags?" Well, to be honest, it all just kind of happened on accident. I knew I wanted to make something that everyone could enjoy that could be produced from scrap and recycled materials. One fateful morning, I decided to make myself a fanny pack becuase I needed a cute, practical bag for all my crap when walking my dogs. Three weeks later I sewed over 25 bags. 

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